NAOTD - National Alliance Of, by and for the disabled


The National Alliance OF The DisAbled stands by the motto:
OF, by and for the disabled


Who are we?

The National Alliance OF The DisAbled is an online informational and advocacy organization dedicated to working towards gaining equal rights for the disAbled in all areas of life. NAOTD believes that organizations which exist to serve persons with disAbilities, or make policies that affect them, should be governed and guided by persons with disAbilities. This is a basic principle of our organization, and for this reason NAOTD will always stay OF, BY and FOR the DisAbled.

This Web site is all about NAOTD. It contains our mission statement, which gives a greater picture of NAOTD. You can also read the biographies of NAOTD's executive officers here. Many more resources will be available at this site in the future, so keep checking back with us.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about NAOTD and about the board members of NAOTD follow these links.

---> Our Vision & Purpose

---> Board Members and Advisory Panel Directors

---> Board Member and Advisory Panel Director Biographies

---> NAOTD Newsletters

Want to become a member?

Now that you know about the National Alliance OF The DisAbled, if you are interested in becoming a member (it's free..there are no membership dues!), just send an email message to Tracy Mankins at expressing your interest in joining NAOTD and including a bit of information about yourself, and soon you will be working with us for ALL disAbled people!!!


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We would like to thank The Contact Center Network for helping us spread the word about NAOTD and I would like to encourage everyone to check out their home page.

The Contact Center Network is a "comprehensive directory of nonprofit resources on the Web, with links to over 8,000 organizations, publications and directories around the world."

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